Refresh your PC : Windows 8 Feature make your Installation new again

This post explains a new feature in Windows 8, that enables the users to refresh their PC to a state comparable to a new Windows Installation. Refresh your PC is a feature intended for those users, who after some months of usage start to face problems with their PC. This might be due to a number of reasons from problem with files or settings or maybe a installed program affecting your system stability.

To use this feature go to the start screen:


Type Refresh your PC :


Click on Refresh your PC :


Press Next & follow the wizard’s onscreen instructions

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Shantanu is a Windows Enthusiast, a troubleshooter & a writer. He is a Microsoft MVP in Windows Expert - IT Pro from 2007. You can check out his other work @ www.shantanukaushik.com

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  • I tried to perform refresh on my windows 8 but it shows the drive in which windows is installed is lock unlock the drive and try again..

    please help me with the resolution, thanks in advance.

    • 1. Have you tried restarting your computer ? Or put it in sleep mode and back ?
      2. Do you have more than one hard disk drive in your computer ?

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  • Hi,

    if i’ll refresh my windows 8 than can i lost my data or program or not ??

    • Hi,
      Yes, You will loose any data or apps you might have installed on the windows drive after the last refresh image was created

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