How to : Enable Local Administrator Account in Windows 8.1

This post is a collection of steps on How to enable local administrator account in Windows 8.1 . The same steps can be followed in Windows 8 as well. Windows 8 / 8.1 by default has the local Administrator account disabled. Follow the steps below to enable the local ( built-in) administrator account in Windows 8.


  • Now, here, Uncheck the box that says Account is disabled
  • Click on Apply
  • Click on Ok
  • Your Built-in ( Local ) administrator account is now active
  • You can choose to set a password for the same by:
  • Right Clicking the Administrator account
  • Click on Set password

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  • after installing windows 8.1 my laptop would not let me log into adminisatrive account settings as it would no longer accept my password

    • When you say ” Administrator ” account, do you mean the Administrator account in Windows or your Own account which has Administrator Privileges ?

  • Please note: Before trying all of this, check your version of Windows 8.1. The home edition will not allow you to enable the admin account (you can’t even add the snap-in). Get the pro version if you do not like this glaring oversight (and serious security issue) by Microsoft.

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