Fix : Stop error 0x0000010e / 0x000000C1 BSOD in Windows 7, Vista

This post will help you fix an issue with your Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer, where you receive a blue screen error 0x0000010E or 0x000000C1. Both these errors might display some other parameters along with them. A sample error message would look like : Stop 0x0000010E(xxxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxxx) VIDEO_MEMORY_MANAGEMENT_INTERNAL or Stop 0x000000C1 (xxxxx,xxxxx,xxxxx,xxxxx) […]


Guide : Installing / upgrading Windows 8.1 preview

This post is a recommended read if you are about to install Windows 8.1 preview on your pc. Windows 8.1 preview is a pre-release software from Microsoft which is publicly available to download. Being a pre-release software, only advanced computer users and people willing to get their hands on something new and exciting from Microsoft […]


Fix : Folders / Explorer going transparent while dragging in Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

This post will help you fix an issue with your Windows based Computer, where, when you try to resize your folder view or even your Internet browser, the contents of that Window fade or let’s say turn translucent / transparent. Show Window Content while dragging, is a feature within Windows operating system that you can […]


How to Create a Custom Refresh Image in Windows 8

This how to guide will help you create a custom “refresh Image” in Windows 8. Refresh your PC is a great feature in Windows 8, which helps you reset your system to a predefined system image. By default, this image restores your computer to a comparably new installation state, but you can create a custom […]