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How to setup & sync a Microsoft Account in Windows 8

[Video Tip Inside] This post will help you in setting up a Microsoft Account in your Windows 8 PC. Microsoft account has a lot of benefits over the conventional local account. With Microsoft Account you can download and use applications from Microsoft store, you can also sync your settings across windows 8 based devices that […]


Video Tip : Using Share Charm in Windows 8

This Video post explains the use of share charm in Windows 8. The five charms in Windows 8 add to the overall experience of Windows 8. Share charm let’s the user share content from virtually anywhere within the windows environment. You could be surfing a webpage & want to share the content therein, or you […]


Video Tip : Using Search Charm in Windows 8

This video post explains steps for using the search charm in Windows 8. Search Charm allows you to quickly and efficiently search through your Windows system. You can search for installed apps, some windows settings or any stored files on your storage device. Windows 8 has a very intelligent search system with all the results […]


Video Tip: How to quickly open apps in Windows 8

This short tip explains the quickest way to open applications , program settings, files etc. on your Windows 8 PC. Windows 8 uses a new start screen instead of the traditional start menu. The new start screen is a power tool for users how demand maximum productivity from their Windows PC. Watch the video to […]