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Steps to Fix Laptop / Desktop Computer Thermal Shutdown

One of the most common reasons behind sudden shutdown of a computer system is heat. When the processor of a Laptop or Desktop Computer heats up, either due to dust or improper ventilation, a computer system puts itself into a thermal shutdown to avoid any damage to the hardware in your computer system. If proper […]


Microsoft Gets a New logo

Microsoft today announced via The Official Microsoft blog , that Microsoft brand logo is getting a change. Microsoft has had the same logo for the last 25 years & with a new paradigm shift is already in progress in terms of computing & technology , it’s about time Microsoft got a new logo. Sometime back […]


Block Internet Access over Network but allow Network Access / File & Print Sharing in Windows 8 , 7 , Vista , XP

After reading this guide you will be able to block internet access over a home network or any network that your are an administrator to. This guide is a very simple collection of steps that do not require any additional software or firewall support to block internet access & just allow file & printer sharing. […]


How to make ISO image of a DVD

After reading this you will easily be able to create ISO images of any DVD you want. I came across a freeware that is free and let’s you easily make a ISO image file from any DVD you wish. You might be having a disc or some files that you have in your computer and […]